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  1. Professionally Curated Research – Our research is conducted by industry leaders who work directly with the largest crypto hedge funds, founders, and research firms
  2. Key Informant Interviews – We interview great projects, traders, and founders who open us up to a level of intelligence that high performance investors crave.
  3. Extensive Network – Crypto Council members have been members of the crypto community for 7+ years. We have worked hard to avoid extractive networks and have consulted and partnered with only the best in the industry.

What You Can Expect From Block Report:

Block Report is for the investor and/or crypto professional who is seeking deeper insights and intelligence.

  1. Trading and Investment Strategies
  2. Curated and Unbiased Investment Selections
  3. Industry Know How – ex. how to choose the right market maker? How to do an ICO/STO in 2019?
  4. Monthly Regulation Updates
  5. Scams + Insider Drama
  6. Career Opportunities
  7. And so much more